1. Interview committee for the Interview of Open Employment of Full-time Faculty of SKKU faculty. I interviewed the candidates on July 7th 2017 at 600th anniversary building, SKKU, Seoul Campus.
2. Program Committee Member of ACM International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN 2018) (
3. Program Committee Member for 3rd IEEE International Workshop during Percom 2018 titled PerAwareCity2018, Greece, 2018 (
4. Program Committee Member of IEEE International Workshop on Artificially Intelligent Smart SocieTies (AIST), China, 2017 (
5. Technical Program Committee for the First edition of the workshop SMARTCOMP 2017 to be held in Hong Kong, China on 29th May, 2017 in conjunction with the IEEE SMARTCOMP'2017.
6. Program Committee Member of IEEE International Symposium on Nanoelectronic and Information Systems (IEEE-iNIS), 2017 (
7. Program Committee Member of ACM IMCOM 2016 held at Vietnam; Jan. 4~6, 2016.
8. Program Committee Member of ACM IMCOM 2017 held at Japan, Jan. 5~7, 2017
9. Program Committee Member of ACM IMCOM 2018 to be held at Malaysia, Jan. 5~7.
10. Program Committee Member of 3rd International Conference on Converging Technologies & Management, 2016 (
11. Chaired and organized a plenary Session in Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) 2016. The session is entitled “Sustainability and Future Generation Wireless Networks” at 103rdIndian Science Congress, University of Mysore, Mysore, January 3~7, 2016.
12. Chaired, organized and delivered a talk in my Plenary session entitled “Next Generation Network and Disaster Management” planned at 104thIndian Science Congress (ISCA) held on 5th January in Tirupati, India. In our plenary session, we had prominent speakers from both academia and industry coming from different countries.


1. Organized poster competition and Videography competition for International Students in December, 2015, 2016.
2. Chief Guest at the TASK 2016, 2017 – cricket tournament for all the Indians including employees/students from top notch companies and universities in Korea.
3. Organized Food and cultural stall at the CICE International Fest, 2016 and 2017.
4. Organized tour to Samsung Innovation Museum for international students on 3rd December 2016.
5. Organized tour to Chang-Gyeong Palace and Namasan Tower for CICE international students on 20th May 2017.
6. Organized tour of international students to DMZ 2015