Ph.D. Students

Shapna Muralidharan
Email ID: shapna2013 [at]
Research Interest: Smart Grids, Energy efficiency & conservation,  Green Networking, Sustainability
Stochastic hourly load forecasting for Smart Grids in Korea Using NARX Model.
Mamta Agiwal
Email ID: mamta [at]
Receipent of "CICE Superior Research Award, 2016-2"
Research Interest: 5G, Device-to-Device (D2D) Communications
Shatarupa Dash
Email ID: shatarupa [at]
Research Interest: 5G mobile communication, Named Data Networking
Flooding Control in Named Data Networking
Noreen Shama
Email ID: noreen [at]
Research Interest: Interference mitigation in Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access network
Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access network
Mukesh Kumar
Email ID: mkm005 [at]
Research Interest: 5G mobile Communications, Green Networks, mmWave Beamforming
5G mobile communication Antenna Beaforming
Zahid Muhammad
Email ID: zahid571[at]
Research Interest: Optimization Algorithm and Application in Sensor Network
Wireless Sensor Networks
Mudasar Latif Memon
Email ID: memon[at]
Research Interest: LTE and 5G Comminucation
Energy Efficiency